Bigolis Teatre is a theatre company that works with street theatre machines and puppets. It is formed by members of Traüt cia. d’espectacles and Forani Teatre, both with more than 15 years of experience at street theatre and performance.


Bigolis’ dramatic proposal is based on using different disciplines at street performance: puppets, circus, music, dance...always with the presence of a mobile machine handling by the performers.



The company starts its career with the show "Pete & Pat" (at the pianopupp), performed for the first time on   21st of december of 201 3 at Barcelona.





Bachelor at dramatic arts by the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, at the speciality of gesture, objects and puppets. He got an Erasmus grant to study at the Puppets School of Prague.

Also, he attended Estudis de Teatre in Barcelona, method based on Lecoq pedagogies (mask, clown, mime and comedia dell'arte). He has taken lessons about puppet theatre with Alfred Casas, Rene Baker (U.K.) Luca Ronga (It), Marek Bêcka (Cz.Rep.), Robert Smolik (Cz. Rep.), Thomas Lundqvist(Swe.)... and has worked with several theatre companies: L’Abric, Pa Sucat….

Currently combines actor and puppeteer job (Forani Teatre, Traüt Cia. Bigolis Teatre....) with puppets design and construction (wood carving).



Stage designer and plastic artist, has taken stage design studies at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and engraving lessons at the Tarragona School of Arts.

As stage designer has worked with companies and artists as Toc de Retruc, Teatre la Corriola, Angela Lamprianidou, Mireia de Querol and Iban Beltran. He works also as stage designer at Traüt cia. d'espectacles, designing the machines for the company shows (Les Enfants, Il Criceto, Carrocontes..). At Bigolis Teatre works as stage designer, set builder and producer.

He has also developed a career as musician (flute and percussions) and street performer particularly with the companies Traüt cia. d'espectacles and Bigolis Teatre.



Musical producer, street performer and multi-instrumentalist musician (piano, bagpipe, accordion, large guitar, clarinet, derbuka, synthesizers and musical  computing programation). He has developed several projects as Traüt de Tarí (folk), Renatus (antique music) o Gadegang (electronic music). Is part of street theater companies Traüt  (The McKensy’s Clan Band, Les Enfants, Il Criceto, Carrocontes, …) and Bigolis Teatre (Pete&Pat).

Usually collaborates with Quico el Cèlio, el Noi i el Mut de Ferreries at the show "La Taverna d'Enrico" and also works as street shows and events producer and manager.


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